Our Story

Legend has it that coffee originated from the highlands of East Africa. Ever since, the region has been noted to produce some of the world’s best coffee beans.

Our mission is to bring the finest beans from the highlands of East Africa to your daily cup of coffee.

Gazelle Coffee London (GZL) is a family-run coffee roasters based in west London. GZL began with the dream to provide high quality East African coffee from only the best ethically sourced beans. We are led by our beliefs in:

  1. Our people – the excellent farmers we work closely with and our dedicated team. At the core of GZL is a group of people dedicated to sourcing and showcasing the excellent quality coffee from the region.
  2. Ensuring excellent quality – we carry out thorough quality checks to guarantee we bring you the best beans in the region.
  3. Transparency – the journey of bean to cup is one that involves a community. We are committed to simplifying this process by ethically sourcing the finest beans from the region and sharing this journey.

"We are involved in each step of the process sourcing directly from Kenyan farmers and working on expanding our direct farmer relations to other regions in East Africa. "

We Personally...

Roast each batch of coffee with care and attention. 

Our goal is simple – to source the finest single origin beans from East Africa, hand roasted by us delivered straight to your cup. We do this by:

  • Building direct and robust relationships with coffee growing farmers in the region. We believe in transparency and a mutually rewarding business model that benefits all the people involved in making coffee. Coffee is a community first and foremost, we believe in our community.
  • Having a local team based in Kenya understanding our farmers in real time as well as the real political, economical and environmental implications of coffee farming.
  • Sourcing only the best single origin beans from Kenya, Uganda & Ethiopia.
  • Personally hand-roasting our coffee to guarantee freshness.

We work closely with...

Our customers to understand their needs. As a small passionate team we are also involved in each step of the process from sourcing to roasting. East African coffee is renown for its uniquely rich and abundant flavours, we believe there is a flavour to be discovered for everyone. Our team is dedicated to help you find what you are looking for.